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Component Roll-Up Doors

Roll-Up Doors
Metal Depots offers both commercial-grade and self-storage roll-up doors from DBCI. The commercial-grade steel curtain roll-up doors are designed and manufactured for strength and durability. Utilizing an in-house wind-testing facility and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment enables DBCI to manufacture its doors to the highest standards.

Commercial Roll-Up Doors
DBCI's commercial doors use heavy-duty brackets made of .250-thick angle. Our commercial doors also have a high-cycle spring life and continuous-duty design. The commercial doors are wind load tested in accordance with IBC, FBC and TDI. DBCI's steel curtain roll-up doors are easy to install and require minimal maintenance. We have a variety of models and colors available from which to choose.
Door Type

1900 Series
2000 Series
2500 Series
5000 Series
Dock Door Series
DBCI Commercial Installation Guide

Light-Duty Commercial
Light-Duty Commercial for frequent usage
Heavy-Duty Commercial
Wind-Certified Series
Heavy-Duty Commercial for freight terminals
Self-Storage Doors
DBCI's self-storage doors have a number of features, including ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) compliance, easy installation, use and maintenance. DBCI uses e-coat springs and has two spring models available for our self-storage doors. Our doors are manufactured with an aluminum bottom bar to improve rust resistance for many years. DBCI's self-storage doors also have electric motor capabilities.
Door Type

1900 Boat & RV Series
650 Series
690 Series

Heavy-Duty Self-Storage
Light Duty Self-Storage
Premium Grade Self-Storage